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In one of my previous posts I wrote about the 11th annual Telethon organized by the Armenia Fund. The results this year? $35 million! Which is more then twice as much as the Fund raised in 2007! That’s pretty impressive, especially taking into account the global financial crisis.


To compare this with previous years results, and to outline the major projects that the raised funds were spent on I drew a quick table.

As we can see the amount of funds has been increasing from year to year. Each year the Board of Trustees of the Fund meets to discuss the projects that the following year’s donations will be spend on. Most of the funds so far have been used to improve the rural infrastructures in Armenia and Artsakh.

You can find more information on the results of the 11th annual Telethon at the following link:



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Hi, today I will tell you about some of the projects for young people that our NGO is planning to implement in rural areas.

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, most young people in the regions are unemployed. Few of them try to enter a higher education institution (most of which are in Yerevan) as it is associated with high costs which they cannot afford. Thus, after finishing school they are facing a situation when they do not know what to do. Many, many of them though are bright kids and it is a pity that they don’t have opportunities to grow and to accomplish something. Because of the desperate situation, they are trying to think of ways they can make money with. Thus, many of them have entrepreneurial spirit. But as we all know to start a successful entrepreneurial venture, one needs at least some basic knowledge of how to do a business.

Thus, one of the projects that our NGO will undertake is Business trainings for the Young. These trainings will provide some basic knowledge to participants, will include simulations sessions, and most importantly will encourage them to start a business. We are working on having those trainings at high schools, where the kids will have an opportunity to learn basic business concepts. Hopefully some of them will start a business themselves, yet others might inspire their parents to do so.

Let’s hope..

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